We Choose Planet Over Plastic!

We're choosing planet over plastic! Our restaurant group has always been passionate about sustainability, but we want to take it a step further to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint & be greener one day at a time.

We've set a goal to eliminate 100% of all paper packaging & plastic consumables used by our teams by the end of next month! Below are the following habits we hope to foster in our employees, so we can have a positive impact on the environment. Feel free to join us as we #skipthestraw. 🌎❤️ 

  • All employees will bring lidded, reusable cups to work, eliminating the need for plastic and straws. 
  • All employees will eat meals with standard plates and flatware, never out of boxes and paper cups. 
  • Any carry-out meals/left-overs for employees must be taken in reusable tupperware or something similar. 
  • Plastic straws for cocktails, tea, and soda will be accessible and available by request, but not automatically added to each drink. 
  • Plastic cutlery will be offered with carryout orders, but not automatically added to each bag. 
Sustainability - R2 staff-2.jpg